High School Seniors

S I M P L E,   E L E G A N T,   T I M E L E S S

About Me

"Families, Seniors, and life's milestones are my jam, but Newborns are what truly "get me up in the morning".

No matter how I am feeling, what time of day, or what stage of life I'm at......I am in complete and utter bliss as soon as my hand touches my camera. I take it as my personal responsibility to make pictures that will not only stand the test of time, but also capture what it is TRULY like to BE in this moment. To be able to look back and FEEL the emotions, smells, textures and colors of this exact moment....with all the overwhelming LOVE you have right now. 

This is not only what I do....it's how I live. It's even more than woven into my life, it's my SOUL! And I love sharing that with you, the wonderful folks that my work speaks to. 

What you can expect, is to completely let your hair down, and just be yourself. Most people leave, saying "that was the easiest session I have ever had", or "I almost forgot we were taking pictures" and that's when I know I've done my job. 

I'm just myself.

I've been known to go to a restaurant with baby poo on my clothes after a session. Laughing til I cry is normal, and sometimes to the point I "cry" from other regions. I feel things WITH you, and everything is something to be experienced, with me. Life is short, and I have to share this precious gift with this world. 

If you've read this far, and you're ready to "make the plunge", get in touch with me. I hope to give you the best experience with photography you've ever had.